You know it’s funny, I’m not yet 30, and yet I’m sounding more and more like my mother every other day. I sometimes feel like I’m older than I really am because I simply can’t believe that the behavior that is being marketed to our children is being accepted the way that it is. I say this because with the internet I’ve seen more and more people post “viral” videos of their children behaving badly and the parents cheering the kids on.

Now I’m sure that this isn’t a new phenomenon, as I can remember an infamous audio tape in my family of my younger brother going on a profanity laced tirade on someone who had the audacity to park in my Grandfather’s driveway. My brother was probably 2 at the time. Someone actually had the mind to record it. BUT IT WASN’T MY MOTHER. And she wasn’t happy about it. But today’s generation of parents seem to get joy and laughter at displaying their children at their worst behavior. And to make matters worse, they get upset when those who don’t find it funny or entertaining say so.

Take this idiot for instance.

Ignorant Nigga

This dude,  who on YouTube goes by the name LilCutty803 posted a video of his son who appears to be about 3 or 4 years old, performing the song of current Baffoon Flavor Of The Month “Waka Flocka” O Let’s Do It. Here is the video of this child performing this song followed by the lyrics so that his “Dad” could get some attention from “World Star Hip”

I fucked my money up, damn
Now I can’t re-up
Ran off in his spot just to get stacks up
Now I’m back on deck,
So shawty what the fuck you want
Heard he talkin shit but this aint what the fuck he want
Locked my CEO up
Now it’s back to coka
Niggas talkin shit bruh, hang him by a ropa
Hit em wit the choppa
Call that shit hot lava
Call me waka flocka aka young wild nigga
Aka young drug dealer
Got purp, got kush, got pills got white
In the trap all night with the hard and the soft
Stacks on the flo’ [inaudible]
Shook it to the left then he shook it to the right
So icey brick boys got it all night
These lame ass niggas aint got no fight
Kick in my door we gon shoot out all night
Home of he Braves shawty shoot em wit a K

Chorus [x2]:
YEAH, O lets do it
O lets do it
O lets do it
YEAH, drug dealin music
I influence
I influence

1 shot man down
His brains go ka-pow
Ow, that shit hurt
So don’t fuck around
But that happen often off in riverdale georgia
You gone pay the life you live off in riverdale georgia
They gone lay yo ass out rock you to sleep like a baby
Hit squad shawty in the hood we got them babies
Ever since they killed my nigga Travis start poppin pills and actin crazy
Ever since they killed my nigga Travis start poppin pills and actin crazy

Chorus [x2]

You know me nigga
I am the block
It’s Riverdale… and Waka Flock
We got the glocks whips and the knots
Catch me in different states bustin down bricks
Bustin down bricks wit that chick you fell in love with
We on that thug shit give a fuck about love I’m cruel bitch
Keep my money on my mind not you bitch
Everyday shawty pull up in a new whip
In the trap shawty said he need another one
Told em call lil waka and he said”WHAT THE FUCK U WANT”
Pull up in the dump followed by a yellow one
So icey feddi gang pussy keep them tommy guns.

Obviously not a Sesame Street tune. And the messed up part about it was that the child knew ALL of these lyrics. I speak more about this particular issue on a new video I just did for SpannTV. Check it out…